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About Us

SignBd: Your Premier Compliance-Related Safety Sign Company

When it comes to safety and compliance, SignBd stands out as the definitive authority in the realm of safety solutions. As a leading compliance-related safety sign company, SignBd has established itself as an industry leader in adhering to international color codes and size standards. Whether you need compliance-related security signage or want to enhance safety protocols within your factory, SignBd is the reliable partner you can depend on.

Commitment to International Standards and Precision

Safety signs are not just functional; they enhance the visual appeal of a factory. SignBd’s dedication to high-quality design, precise sizing, and strict adherence to international color codes is exemplary. Their signage conveys crucial information in a visually appealing and sophisticated manner, ensuring both safety and aesthetics are maintained.

From policies and risk assessments to flow charts, operating procedures, codes of conduct, material safety data sheets (MSDS), evacuation fire safety floor plans, aisle markings, exit light boxes, first aid boxes, and notice boards, SignBd covers all aspects of safety and compliance.

Adhering to Global Standards and Certifications

What distinguishes SignBd is its unwavering commitment to global standards. All their products and services meet stringent industry requirements, including Amfori BSCI, Sedex, WRAP, and other customer-specific standards. In a world where compliance is crucial, SignBd ensures your factory meets the highest global standards.

Their signs are manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards, OSHA regulations, and guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This comprehensive approach ensures that your factory is not only safe but also legally compliant.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries

SignBd specializes in bespoke compliance-related safety signs, risk assessments, flow charts, operating procedures, policies, MSDS, and fire safety evacuation floor plans. Whether your industry is a Garments Factory, Green Factory, Textile & Shoe Factory, Pharmaceutical Company, Washing Factory, Food Processing Plant, Dyeing Factory, Dyeing Finishing, Tannery, or ETP Industry, SignBd has the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Their experience and commitment to excellence since 2006 testify to their reliability. In a rapidly evolving world, SignBd has consistently adapted to the changing landscape of safety and compliance, making them a trusted partner for businesses globally.

Global Reach and Unmatched Accessibility

No matter where your business operates, SignBd is ready to support you. Their accessibility is enhanced through convenient options like WhatsApp and email. Sharing your requirements and plans with them is seamless, and their dedicated team is always prepared to assist you.

Conclusion: Trust SignBd for Safety and Compliance Excellence

SignBd is more than just a company; it embodies a promise of safety, compliance, and excellence. With a steadfast adherence to international standards, customized solutions for various industries, and a proven track record spanning over a decade, SignBd is your trusted partner in ensuring your factory’s safety and compliance. When it comes to security signage, SignBd is a name you can rely on.

Thank you for choosing SignBd – where security meets accuracy and compliance meets excellence.

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